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Spain Golden Visa program, offering an exceptional opportunity to obtain Spanish residency through significant investments. With various investment options and benefits, including visa-free access to the Schengen Zone and a pathway to Spanish citizenship, the Spain Golden Visa opens the door to new horizons for you and your family.

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Why invest in Barcelona?

Regarding investment in Barcelona, in recent years there has been a strong increase in property sales and rentals, making it one of the most sought-after cities for investors. According to cadastre registry statistics, this is happening due to the practice of buying apartments that are immediately rented out, making the investment more appealing. Due to the direct Wizz Air flight line between Tirana and Barcelona every day, the interest in living in Barcelona is growing steadily. Conversely, the number of people from Spain coming to Albania is also increasing, making Albania one of the countries attracting people to live.

Barcelona has often been chosen as one of the world’s cities with the best quality of life for many reasons. The climate, the urban beachfront with 32 kilometers of beach within the city, gastronomy with many Michelin-starred restaurants, football, tennis, theater, cinema, concerts, Gaudí’s architecture, and many others. The beaches, hospitals, and fertility clinics are undoubtedly among the best in the world. Barcelona offers a rich infrastructure with an airport, port, railway network, and the high-speed train between Barcelona and Paris taking 6 hours. The education system, both public and private, is well developed in this globally significant country.

The nightlife provides various local spaces, bars, karaoke venues, modern and trendy places, where you can be in tranquility amidst mountains and the sea, in harmony with yourself and others, and above all, with fair prices and a good quality of life.

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